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Upcoming Changes 3 days ago
Well, we are very excited about this!

What is all the excitement for?

Well, we are soon to introduce two more game modes to our network! Both will have custom made features about them.  Each taking bunches of time and effort!

Firstly we will bring along, Factions!
What is special about our Factions server? Well, we do not want to spoil anything. But let's just say, these features you will not find elsewhere. It is game changing!
We will also have an extra specific rank for Factions, on top of the global ranks we already have!

Secondly, we will bring along, Towny!
Yes, we said Towny. A hard game mode to make, even harder to make different. But I do assure you, ours is something special to look forward to!
Towny will also feature an extra specific rank, on top of our global ranks! Of course, just giving you more features, and overall adding more to the gameplay.

*Mini Update*

Skyblock has a few new features, including custom enchants! This was all added early this morning. Custom Enchant, Envoys, Quests, and Jobs.
We have also done an update to the scoreboard and the tablist. 

Stay tuned for more!

Well, firstly to start off. We are very excited about these updates we have released! 

So what have we done?

Firstly, we have added Minions. The little dudes that can do a multitude of jobs. From mining to woodcutting. They can even defend an area for you!
How Can I get Minions?
To get minions, head on over to skyblock or our online store.
From there you can do /minion store
If you choose to buy them from the online store, which is actually a pretty good deal!
Follow this direct link,

Secondly, we have added another part. Quests, yes you can complete more challenges which have varying difficulty, which you get rewards for!
How to use Quests?
Login to our Skyblock, then simply just type /quest
We have a multitude of Quests to choose from! All with a different difficulty...

Third, we have also added another gameplay aspect. Which are jobs. You can sign up for jobs, and make more money! How do you do this?
How Can I Sign Up For Jobs?
If you head on over to skyblock, then you can type /jobs
Doing so will show the commands you need to know! If you do /jobs join you will see a GUI full of information about the jobs!

We have lots planned! Stay tuned for more!

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Upcoming Changes
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